Seun Kuti tells religious leaders- Stop praying for Nigeria

The youngest son of famous afrobeat pioneer legend Fela, has urged pastors and imams to stop asking their congregants to pray for Nigeria.

Seun Kuti made this known in an Instagram post on Monday.

According to him, Godly men should start telling their followers to fight for there country.

He further went on to state that pastors who underperformed in their churches were sacked and not prayed for.

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Kuti added that girls who accused pastors of raping them weren’t prayed for, including men who accused pastors of sleeping with their wives.


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A post shared by Seun Kuti (@bigbirdkuti)

“Switch up the sermon! I mean when some pastors in some churches weren’t performing, we didn’t pray for them, we sacked them from office.

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“When some girls say some pastors raped them we didn’t pray for them instead those pastors were sanctioned.

“When one man says one pastor knack him, wife, the pastor no pray for am o but everyday pray for Nigeria, pray for your leaders. Please fight for Nigeria Instead!” he wrote.


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