Shocking Video | 4ft Snake Slithered Into A Russian Woman’s Throat

Shocking Video | 4ft Snake Slithered Into A Russian Woman’s Throat

Shocking video — A Russian woman wanted to catch some sleep but instead had a slithery shock, after a 4-foot snaked crawled gently into her throat!!!

The shocking video was taken in Russia where doctors were performing a quick procedure to remove the serpent from her throat.

The woman was rushed to the hospital after she revealed she wasn’t feeling well.

She had claimed –a snake slithered into her mouth when she fell asleep in her yard.

I wonder why we find that hard to believe, maybe she slept with an open mouth???

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We have seen some video were women are seen deep throating a snake, might be one of those incident–who knows??.

From the clip… doctors are horrified after pulling the serpent out of her mouth.

They’re also terrified it’s one long-ass snake …  considering it was apparently inside a WOMAN’S THROAT- we already feeling irritated.

It’s unclear if the snake was dead or alive at the time of extraction.

The Ministry of Health in Republic of Dagestan is reportedly investigating the video and the chief doctor at the hospital where this allegedly went down said she was unaware of doctors performing the procedure at her facility.

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