Signs A Person Is Having Internal Bleeding in the Head, Chest Or Abdomen

When a person gets injured, it is completely normal and easier to handle if such a person bleeds from the sore. This is completely normal and makes the treatment easier but internal bleeding is much more complex and dangerous.

An internal bleeding is a bleeding within the body of a person or an organism. It can be caused by several factors ranging from wounds or trauma, diseases or any other condition that involves a hit to any part of the body. So, in this article, we are.going to have a look at some of the signs a person is having an internal bleeding in the head, chest or abdomen. The signs are different if you are having the internal bleeding in these mentioned areas. Just sit tight and learn something new.

What Are The Signs Of Internal Bleeding in the Head, Chest Or Abdomen?

1. If you are having internal bleeding in the head, it is often regarded as very dangerous and can cause weakness usually on one side of your body.

2. Numbness on one side of your body also in most cases. If you start feeling numb on one side of your body after a head trauma, then you should treat it as urgent.

3. Severe, sudden headache that follows after a trauma or accident involving hitting the head too hard on a surface. This is often a sign that something could be wrong within the head.

4. Change in vision or hearing. It is normal for one having internal bleeding in the head not to see well or start having hearing disturbances. If after a trauma you start having visual disturbances or hearing issues, then it’s obvious you may be having internal bleeding.

Signs Of Internal Bleeding In The Chest Or Abdomen;

1. Chronic abdominal pain is one sign of internal bleeding in the abdomen that should not be taken for granted. If you start having chronic pain in the abdomen after a trauma to the stomach or due to a condition, then you should consider going for checkup.

2. Shortness of Breath; this is another sign of internal bleeding in the chest or abdomen and should not be ignored. It is not normal for someone to start having breathing difficulties after having an accident that hit the chest, it’s a sign of internal bleeding in that region and should not be overlooked for your own good.

3. Blood in Urine Or Dark Stool; when the bleeding is from some internal organs in the abdomen, there is every likelihood it will cause dark stool and bloody urine as that’s an indication of internal bleeding.

4. Dizziness when standing is also a sign of internal bleeding in the chest or abdomen.

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