Signs Your Partner Has Fallen For Someone Else


When you love someone, you adore everything about that person and cannot even think of someone else.

When you are with them, you are smitten by them and when you are not with them, you cannot think of anything but them. Such is love.

But while together, some occurrences might push the other into finding interest in another person.

At such times, all you can do is observe your Partner behavior and try to know the truth.

Look out for these eleven sure shot signs to know if your partner has fallen for someone else.

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1. He keeps your relationship extremely private. (He won’t tell any of his friends or cousins or colleague’s about you).

2. He’s afraid to give you his phone because there are a lot of private things on his mobile.

3. He won’t call you everyday. He will always make excuses that he is tired or busy with his work (but he is actually on a call with some other women).

4. He will delete all of your pictures from social media (because his side chick shouldn’t feel bad).

5. He will only text you when he is bored or when he wants lust (personal benefit texts).

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6. He’ll never video call or take any video calls.( because he may get caught).

7. He ogles at every other woman in front of you (casual checking out of other females is much different from constantly staring at other women).

8. He’s basically not interested in talking to you. So your chats are very boring.

9. He never likes any of your posts or pictures on social media.

10. He always keeps talking about how hot the other women look to make you feel insecure and develop a low self esteem.

11. He never pays attention to you, even after discussing about such issues.