Some Meaningful Historical Photos

Historical Photos

These photos are historical with a-lot of meaning to it.

# 1890’s: A male Inuit warms his wife’s feet. That is love.

# 1968: PC Norwell Roberts, the first black police officer in London, is on duty in the area of Charing Cross Station.

# 1945: The day daddy returned home.

Gunner Hector Murdoch had been missing for four years, the majority of which he had spent as a prisoner of war in Singapore. His wife Rosina and son John had no idea if he was alive or dead. In 1945, he returned home on his birthday.

#1945: In Okinawa, an American serviceman shares his rations with two Japanese children.

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# 1957: Dorothy Counts, 15, is bullied and taunted by white pupils as she walks from Harding High School to The Recently Desegregated School as the only black student.

# A 2000 year old glass Mosaic, found in the city of Zeugma, Turkey

# 1894: Former slave, author and activist Frederick Douglass with his musician grandson Joseph Douglass In 1894

# 1929: Mailman Poses with his heavy load of Christmas mail and parcels. Chicago, USA.

# A motor home in 1922