Sometimes, all you need is a long walk to clear your head | Inspired message

a long walk to clear your head

Sometimes, all you need is a long walk to clear your head, to appreciate yourself and your progress, and to distance yourself from all your worries.

Don’t destroy yourself with constant bickering and accusations that you are not good enough, or where you feel you should be.

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Remember many are dead, many are sick, many are mentally and physically challenged. However, look at yourself. You are complete. Your hands, eyes, mind and legs all work and you can even eat and breathe properly.

Be grateful, stay strong, even though you have been hearing this for a long time, do not fret, everything will turn out to your own good, all you need to do is start seeing the possibilities, it is not easy to stay alive.

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Honestly you are doing a great job so far. Don’t give up on yourself, stay positive, and don’t dwell on self-humilation.