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Men’ Health: What to do if you have lost the desire to have sex with your wife

Sex is one of the most used forms of pleasure for men and women. Nothing prevents men from living without s3x, but it is recommended as a healthy activity for body and mind. For this reason, s3xual problems can greatly disrupt people’s lives. When a man is married, s3xual dysfunctions […]

8 Keys To Managing Your Mental Health When Starting A Business

It can be challenging to focus on vital things like your health when you are in the midst of building a business. Many founders and startups forget about their mental health because they want to make everything perfect, no matter what it takes. We constantly hear about mental health in […]

Health Benefits of eating cucumber

Cucumber has numerous health advantages, ranging from hydration to beautiful skin, when consumed on a daily basis. When it comes to a healthy diet, a bowl of salad is almost always the first thing that springs to mind! Salads, on the other hand, are chock-full of all the necessary nutrients […]

What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health

Urine is a liquid waste product of the body that is ejected through the urethra after being secreted by the kidneys by urination (or micturition). Urination is the process through which the body expels undesired or unnecessary chemicals from the bloodstream. Human waste or excreta refers to both human pee […]

Disadvantages Of Masturbating For Men And Women

Some people are addicted to masturbation, and they find it hard to stop no matter how hard they try, but the truth is anything done in excess is not good and at times not healthy for the body. Masturbation can get uncontrollable at times or addictive. Here are disadvantages of […]

Signs Of Blood Shortage In The Body And Natural Drinks To Take To Increase Your Blood Count

The blood is a red fluid that is responsible for the body’s circulation, transportation, and waste elimination. Anemia is a medical term for a lack of blood in the body, and it can be caused by a variety of factors. Anemia is more likely to occur in persons who have […]

Signs A Person Is Having Internal Bleeding in the Head, Chest Or Abdomen

When a person gets injured, it is completely normal and easier to handle if such a person bleeds from the sore. This is completely normal and makes the treatment easier but internal bleeding is much more complex and dangerous. An internal bleeding is a bleeding within the body of a […]

Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla ‘being lined up to carry out duties on behalf of the Queen Elizabeth’ amid increasing concern over the monarch’s health.

The Duchess of Cornwall is reportedly being lined up to carry out duties on behalf of Queen Elizabeth amid increasing concern over the monarch’s health. On Friday it was revealed the Queen, 95, has cancelled all working visits for the next two weeks and has been advised to stick to […]

6 Natural Moisturizers You Can Apply If You Want A Glowing Skin

We always want our skin to maintain its natural-looking glow, but busy lifestyles and everyday stress can lead to dull, uneven and tired-looking skin. While there are a number of skin and beauty care products available in the market, nothing beats the goodness and wholesomeness of natural products. In this […]

Most Effective Time Drinking Water Helps The Body Fight Disease

The consumption of water is pertinent to a healthy body. The importance of water in the human body cannot be over emphasized. All cells in the body including the brain needs water, Water helps carry nutrients to these cells. However drinking water is one thing while drinking water at the […]