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NASA to send naked human pictures to space to get alien attention

NASA scientists aim to send naked human pictures into space in the hopes of attracting alien attention. The scientists believe that by sending a pixelated illustration of a naked woman and man waving “hello” in an attempt to appear inviting, they can establish proper contact with another life form. The move […]

The Different Human Sexual Orientation ( Polysexual, Sapiosexual etc.)

Human sexuality has a lot to do with the way humans experience romantic or sexual attractions and the overall preference and interest we have in those relationships. According to who we have as our romantic or sexual partner at a particular point in time doesn’t define our sexual orientation, […]

Charming Personality- Quote

The Charm is within, what i carry makes me attractive   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Dj Sinzuu (@djsinzuu) on Oct 17, 2018 at 6:57am PDT

The Purpose Behind Human Creation – ARTICLE

HUMAN CREATION. Have you ever asked your self this questions ? Who am i ? What is my mission on earth ? what is my purpose here ? Why was i sent here and came here as a human? Where am i going after living here on earth ? What […]

Ghanaian Actress Omaboe revealed that Any Man who washes wife Pant is Cursed

Ghanaian actress, Grace #Omaboe,  revealed that any man who washes his wife’s lingerie is cursed and it’ll be very difficult for such a man to achieve success in life. She made this revelation in an interview with #Arnold Elavanyo Mensah on Vibes In 5. Ghanaian Actress Grace further said; if […]

Being Alone is The New Charm | ESSAY

Being Alone is the new charm, but many might have a different opinion concerning this shocking truth. The last time I checked I was born alone, am going to die alone, I will be judged alone and would I face trials alone. Some people are insane to think that without them […]