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Scientists discover that eyes from organ donors could be brought back to life

According to scientists who discovered that eyes from organ donors might be ‘brought back to life,’ death may be reversible. Up to five hours after death, photosensitive cells in the retina were able to respond to light and communicate with one another. Thus, generating signals ‘resembling those recorded from living subjects’. These […]

Lessons that will help your life, read and be wise.

Two important management lessons I learnt from a 500 Naira note; 1. It happened some time ago but . I was in an audience listening to a motivational speaker. The speaker got out his wallet & pulled out a 500 Naira note. Holding it up, he asked, “Who wants this […]

Life is truly short – Keep your hope alive with these inspired message.

Today’s birth is tomorrow’s death- we should be grateful for every fleeing inhale and exhale, day or night, we spend on this fantasy called earth- Life is truly short. Forgive to be forgiven, give freely to be given– feed your soul and be the change you desire to see. The […]

Exhume Dead Body of A Man was Seen Breathing After A year of Been Buried

Exhume Dead body of a man in Umuoji, Amucha, Imo state was discovered to be breathing and the body didn’t decay after a year of been under the ground. The villagers was left in a shock and the whole incident was shot in a video, which was shared online. Crowds of […]

Miracle : Dead Woman Came Back To Life After A Night In Russia Morgue

Miracle is not an everyday phenomenon but Zinaida Kononova, 81, elderly woman thwarted the laws of death by coming back to life. Zinaida was officially pronounced dead after a surgery in Russia to remove an intestinal obstruction– but a miracle took place and she came back to life after a […]

My Conversation With God | Reading Series – ARTICLE

My Conversation with God, emerged when God choose me. I asked Father, what will thee want of thy son ? He said I want you to spread the “Word”. I asked what is in the “Word”. He answered the world is in the “Word”. I was confused, I asked Father […]

My life is under construction- Life Quote

My life is under construction Am still growing, learning how to be a better Me Jesus Christ is Lord. READ ALSO- We wake up every morning- Life Poem

We wake up every morning- Life Poem

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Gay conversion therapy for minors banned in Germany

Gay conversion therapy for minors has been banned in Germany. Germany’s parliament has passed a law banning so-called “gay conversion therapy” for young people nationwide. The legislation is intended to stop groups offering the service – which claims to be able to change a person’s sexual orientation. Those breaking the […]

Spiritual growth – Quote

I can do everything and anything. I have the means but i choose to live under a covenant because this life is not my own Maturity is not the ability to be free but the ability to apply principle towards the freedom you have Grow in spirit.   View this […]