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Japanese man spends over $15,000 to become a dog

A Japanese man fulfilled his dream of wanting to look like an animal.  Twitter user @toco_eevee posted pictures of himself leaving the internet baffled. Japanese man ‘becomes’ a dog Toko, a Japanese man who goes by @toco_eevee on Twitter posted pictures of himself that have left the netizens stumped. Zeppet, a professional […]

Things Men do That Damage Their Pen*s

A man may not be infected with any transmitted diseases but can have his reproductive health damaged. This condition can be associated with his negligence regarding diet or lifestyle. A man needs to be informed about several things he should do daily to keep his penis healthy. According to Healthline, […]

Man mistakenly declared dead and placed in mortuary freezer is found alive after 7 hours

A 40-year-old man was found alive after being wrongly declared dead by doctors. Sreekesh Kumar was critically injured by a speeding motorcycle, was mistakenly declared dead, and was stored in a mortuary freezer for seven hours. Medical staff were stunned when he showed signs of life as police arrived to […]

Man is cleared of 1981 rape of award-winning author Alice Sebold after spending 16 years in jail

A man who spent 16 years in jail for the rape of award-winning author Alice Sebold has been exonerated after a producer working on a film of the writer’s memoir spotted glaring inconsistencies. Anthony Broadwater, 61, broke down in tears this week when a judge cleared him of the rape […]

Man jailed for murders he didn’t commit is free after 43 years

A man who was in jail for 43 years for a triple murder he says he didn’t commit has been released and exonerated. Kevin Strickland, 62, from Missouri in the United States, was wrongly convicted of the crimes in 1978, and was found guilty on all charges the following year. […]

Ways To Make A Man Feel Deeply Attached To You

The most difficult element of most women’s love lives isn’t meeting or building an attraction with men; it’s creating that deep connection and rush of strong emotions and intense sensations that propels them from casual dating to serious, romantic engagements. This shift can be difficult for many women who can’t […]

Man comes home to find a bear in his house eating his food

A man had the shock of a lifetime when he returned home and found a bear in his kitchen with its face in a KFC bucket. John Holden, who lives in Sierra Madre, California, found the animal eating his fried chicken leftovers on his kitchen worktop, despite locking his door […]

Ways To Be The Type Of Woman A Man Is Afraid To Lose

All around the seven continents of the world, there are millions of women with different levels of beauty and character traits. But amongst all, there are some that their elusive character traits outshines the beauty and rickety traits of others. Every man wants to keep a woman that her virtues […]

Minnesota Man accused of fatally shooting a woman he mistook for his ex-girlfriend who wouldn’t do drugs with him

A Minnesota Man is accused of fatally shooting a woman he allegedly mistook for his ex-girlfriend who refused to do drugs with him. Cameron Moser, 29, of Minnesota was booked into Crow Wing County jail on Friday, October 8, in connection with the death of Bethany Bernatsky, who was staying […]

12 Things That Make a Man Happy in a Relationship

Girls aren’t the only ones that wants to be happy in a relationship. Of course, your guy requires the incredible joy that only you can provide. In a relationship, it’s critical to make your partner happy. In fact, it’s one of the key ingredients in building a strong and long-lasting […]


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