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Medical Reasons Why Men die during Sex

Have you ever wondered why people die while having $ex? Lovemaking can be exhausting for both parties, which is why both sides’ health is crucial. If you have certain medical issues, it is even recommended that you refrain from having $ex. According to Healthline, here are two common causes of death […]

Healthy Foods that help cleanse Prostrate in Men

The prostate is a tiny gland that plays an important role in men’s reproductive health. It is doughnut-shaped and wrapped around the urethra, the tube through which men urinate, when it is healthy. (This is why urinating is difficult with an enlarged prostate.) And there’s no denying that food is […]

Men’ Health: What to do if you have lost the desire to have sex with your wife

Sex is one of the most used forms of pleasure for men and women. Nothing prevents men from living without s3x, but it is recommended as a healthy activity for body and mind. For this reason, s3xual problems can greatly disrupt people’s lives. When a man is married, s3xual dysfunctions […]

Aphrodisiac Foods that increase Sexual Libido in Men

You already know that a healthy and balanced diet is very important to keep not only your health up to date, but a good sexual health as well. There are foods that can help improve your s3xual performance, like chocolate, pepper and cinnamon. These foods have nutrients with stimulating properties. […]

Reasons why Men fall asleep immediately after sex and how to avoid it

Men go into a deep sleep after intimacy in bedrooms all around the world, while women lay awake silently cursing their dozing partner’s name. According to Men’sHealth, a sleep expert W. Christopher Winter, M.D., said: your male post-coital sleepiness can be attributed to the hormone prolactin. Dopamine, a stimulating neurotransmitter that […]

Major causes of premature ejaculation in men

Some men are suffering from premature ejaculation and don’t know what the cause is. Premature ejaculation happens or occurs when a man has an orgasm or ejaculates earlier during intercourse or love making. Research shows premature ejaculation is a common problem in men, and it affects close to 30% to […]

Bad habits that affect sperm production and quality

Sperms are one of the most important things that men shouldn’t overlook. As good as it is, some lifestyles can affect it either negatively or positively. In this part of the world, most people are clueless when it comes to attending to our sexual health. But now due to internet […]

Signs That Shows A Man Is A Good Husband Material

There is a significant difference between marriage and being happily married. Numerous ladies endure quiet suffering in their various families. Some are even slowly dying as a result of their poor choice of partners. The majority of women suffer in their marriages and relationships as a result of dating men […]

Tips To Make A Man Respect You

Respect is something every woman must try to earn when around any man. It will make them mind the way they talk and the kind of word they will use on you. This will help you to keep your value high among other men. Having a man who does not […]

When She Says Am Afraid to loose you, This Is What She Really Means

”Afraid to loose you” has been a ponder to many men and most of them don’t get the message behind this word. But this article by Codi Kern from the PuckerMob will give you guys a great insight. Even when she smiles, you can still see this hint of worry. […]


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