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Ways to win back your Ex lover

It is quite a norm for romantic partners to disengage from their relationship for different reasons. Studies have shown that most people break up with their partner due to emotional pressure, while a good number of others disengage from their relationship because they no longer feel attracted to their partner. […]

Signs he doesn’t want to lose you

Other women would be envious if you had a man who adored and desired you for the rest of your life. Every girl’s fantasy is to discover a prince charming who will battle until the end for her love. Nowadays, however, finding a man who adores his girlfriend so passionately […]

Major Steps to Solve Misunderstanding In Your Relationships

Relationships offer wonderful benefits for well-being and life satisfaction, but none are without their challenges. These issues can put a strain on a couple, but working through them can either strengthen their bond or push them apart, depending on how they handle the challenges they face. Working through marriage problems […]

INTEREST: He is showing Interest but he is not saying anything, WHAT YOU SHOULD DO? (Short Story)

So on the matter of showing *INTEREST*, there’s an aspect I want to quickly address. Someone is asking… *SIR, HE IS SHOWING MUCH INTEREST IN ME BUT HE IS NOT SAYING ‘ANYTHING’, WHAT DO I DO?* Do you understand? Okay, there are these set of guys who have a Masters […]

“We haven’t had sex in two years”, How To Reset a Sexless Relationship

How often you have sex can ebb and flow in a longterm relationship, but this week, we heard from a reader who’s concerned by the length of his dry spell. Jacob wrote in to say he hasn’t had sex with his wife for two years. Before that time, when they […]

Tiffany Haddish opens up about her breakup with Common.

Tiffany Haddish sits down one on one with Jason Lee uncensored by Hollywood unlocked. During her sit down Tiffany opens up about her rise to fame and how she deals with her new superstar friends. She also details exactly what she thinks about her break up with Common and if […]

Signs your partner is no longer interested in you

Both men and women sometimes lose interest in themselves. Moreover, we are all humans and it is normal for us to sometimes lose interest in what we were once interested in. Our emotions sometimes nose dive, therefore, most relationship today destroy as a result of partners losing interest in themselves. […]

Ways To Make A Man Feel Deeply Attached To You

The most difficult element of most women’s love lives isn’t meeting or building an attraction with men; it’s creating that deep connection and rush of strong emotions and intense sensations that propels them from casual dating to serious, romantic engagements. This shift can be difficult for many women who can’t […]

Factors that make a relationship work that you should not take for granted

In the struggle to make your relationship work, you need to be cognizant of some important factors. Yes, making a relationship work is a struggle only the patient and determined will achieve. You will make your relationship work provided you know your ways around it. Knowing your ways around it […]

Ways to get over someone you were in love with (Heartbreak)

When the love fades away and one loses that person he/she thought was “the one,” it can be heartbreaking. Heartbreak can make one feel many negative emotions including sadness, loneliness, depression, and a lot more. Also, it can be one’s greatest source of unhappiness, at least for the time being. […]