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Medical Reasons Why Men die during Sex

Have you ever wondered why people die while having $ex? Lovemaking can be exhausting for both parties, which is why both sides’ health is crucial. If you have certain medical issues, it is even recommended that you refrain from having $ex. According to Healthline, here are two common causes of death […]

Dear Men, Three nutrients that can help improve your sex Life

Experts revealed that men’s sexual life can improve by eating nutritious diet. A nutritious diet can benefit your sex life in many ways: 1. Boosting your libido 2. Improving blood flow and heart health 3. Improving your stamina According to Healthline, there are many foods that may help you have […]

How to Clean Vagina after Sex

According to Healthline, the vagina is a flexible canal that connects the vaginal opening to the cervix. People often associate the vagina with the vagina, which is the external part of the vagina. The vagina is self-cleaning and does not need to be purified immediately after intercourse. However, this may […]

Benefits of Morning Sex

Morning sëx is one of the best way to start your day fresh and energised because it boost your confidence and help you ease into the workday with more efficiency. Research has shown that having sëx in the morning increases the production of Immunoglobulin A which helps in immune function […]

Things a lady should do when the condom breaks during sex

There is a possibility of condom failure or breakage during intimacy. This not only raise the risk of pregnancy but also contracting s£xually transmitted infections (STIs). This article addresses things a person should do when this happens. 1. Use the bathroom and wash off any fluid from private regions. It […]

Reasons why Men fall asleep immediately after sex and how to avoid it

Men go into a deep sleep after intimacy in bedrooms all around the world, while women lay awake silently cursing their dozing partner’s name. According to Men’sHealth, a sleep expert W. Christopher Winter, M.D., said: your male post-coital sleepiness can be attributed to the hormone prolactin. Dopamine, a stimulating neurotransmitter that […]

“We haven’t had sex in two years”, How To Reset a Sexless Relationship

How often you have sex can ebb and flow in a longterm relationship, but this week, we heard from a reader who’s concerned by the length of his dry spell. Jacob wrote in to say he hasn’t had sex with his wife for two years. Before that time, when they […]

Benefits of sex for women

Is your s£x life helping your well-being? It turns out s£x is associated with a large number of women’s health benefits. People who regularly have s£x report being happier and feeling more connected to their partners. But there are many other reasons why maintaining a healthy s£x life is a […]

Causes of Sore Vagina after Intercourse and how to get help

According To Healthline If you’re having discomfort around your vag¡nal area after s€xual activity, it’s crucial to figure out where the pain is coming from so you can figure out what’s causing it and how to cure it. From the vag¡nal opening to the cerv¡x, the vag¡na is a lengthy, […]

Two major causes of death during sexual intercourse

Death can happen during consenting intercourse for a variety of causes, most commonly due to the activity’s physical strain or exceptional extenuating circumstances. “Dying in the saddle,” for example, is one of many euphemisms for death during intimacy. There have been countless incidents of people dying while in intimate relationships, […]


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