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Will Smith ‘has been going to therapy’ after his infamous slap of Chris Rock at Academy Awards

Will Smith is reportedly seeking out help through therapy in the wake of his infamous slap at the Academy Awards. In a new report from Entertainment Tonight, a source revealed that the 53-year-old Best Actor Oscar Winner is now going to therapy, months after attacking Chris Rock on stage at […]

Academy Members Split on Will Smith Ban

Will Smith‘s 10-year ban from the Oscars has left many in the Academy with mixed feelings.Some think too harsh, others think too lenient and some think it’s just right. A good amount of these folks actually stuck up for Will, saying the punishment doesn’t fit the crime — including Stephen Potter of […]

Will Smith barred from Academy events for 10 years for slapping Chris Rock on stage

Will Smith has been barred from attending any Academy events, including the Oscars, for 10 years after slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage for making fun of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which organises the Oscars, made the announcement […]

Old video of Jada Pinkett Smith forcing Will Smith to respond to question about their marriage surfaces

Will Smith has been seen pleading with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, to stop filming him during a live Instagram broadcast in a resurfaced video. In the clip shared on Reddit on Thursday April 7, Pinkett Smith discussed having a therapist and author Esther Perel as a guest on her show, Red Table […]

Will Smith’s Historical Slap Lands His Memoir Back On Best-Seller List

It has been almost 3 weeks since Oscar winner Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars for a joke he made about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, however, it continues to be a trending moment in pop culture. While he is the talk of Tinseltown, the former “Fresh Prince’s” memoir […]

Will Smith now faces being banned from Bad Boys as Sony halts work over Chris Rock slap at Oscars

Will Smith’s upcoming blockbusters could be put on hold following his attack on Chris Rock at last weekend’s Oscars ceremony. According to The Hollywood Reporter, work on the fourth installment of the Bad Boys film franchise has been halted by Sony following the Oscars shame. The film would have seen […]

Will Smith’s upcoming film, Fast And Loose, is put on hold by Netflix following Oscars slap

Will Smith’s upcoming film, Fast And Loose, has been put on hold by Netflix. Netflix made the decision following the backlash from Will’s shocking Oscars slap, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film had already lost its intended director before Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, further complicating […]

Will Smith Resigns from The Academy After Chris Rock Slap

Will Smith has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after slapping Chris Rock . Will wrote the following to the Academy’s disciplinary committee … “I will fully accept any and all consequences for my conduct. My actions at the 94th Academy Awards presentation were shocking, painful, and inexcusable.” […]

Academy reportedly ‘lied’ about asking Will Smith to leave the Oscars after he slapped Chris Rock, new report claims

Will Smith was never asked to leave the Oscars after he slapped Chris Rock as the Academy claimed, TMZ has claimed. The Academy said Wednesday, March 30, that they had asked Will to leave the Dolby Theater after the slap but he refused. However, sources present at the Oscars 2022 […]

Will Smith Disciplinary Meeting: Academy Says He Was Asked To Leave Oscars, But Refused

The Academy is holding its disciplinary meeting for Will Smith regarding his assault on Chris Rock at Sunday’s 94th Oscars show. Prior to Will apologizing to Chris for slapping him, the Academy condemned his actions. But now, as proceedings begin, the Academy says they asked Will to leave the Dolby Theatre, but he […]