Teen Girl Claims 10 Year old Boy Is the Father of her Newly Born Daughter

Teen Girl, Darya Sudnishnikova was 13 years old when she became famous in Russia after insisting that her 10-year-old boyfriend, Ivan fertilized her egg.

Darya went on prime-time TV earlier this year claiming Ivan was the father and Ivan backed up her story.

Darya later revealed she had been raped in her hometown Zheleznogorsk by a boy aged 16.

She claimed Ivan was the father because she was too embarrassed to admit to the rape.

Ivan, now 11, stood by her and he remains her “boyfriend”.

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Teen Girl, Darya announced today on Instagram that she has welcomed a daughter after going through a “tough” delivery.

She said last week — I had to travel to Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to find doctors who will accept and deliver my daughter.

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“That’s it, I gave birth to a girl at 10 am. It was tough, I’ll tell you everything later, I’m having a rest now.”She wrote on her Instagram

Police are still investigating the alleged rape case and are expected to take a DNA sample from the newborn girl to find out if the 16-year-old boy is the father.

Meanwhile, Ivan wish to remain in the life of Darya and her child.

Not long before giving birth, Darya revealed that Ivan stays over at her house sometimes and may take over fatherhood of her child when he’s 16.

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“He does not live with me, he stays overnight sometimes. At 16, he will take over the fatherhood, but it depends on how everything goes on between us.”– She wrote.


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