#BLM protesters in England destroyed a 100-year-old Edward Colton statue : a slave trader

The killing of George Floyd has disgusted not just America, but the world … Black Lives Matter protesters in England destroyed a more than 100-year-old statue honoring a slave trader.

The UK’s had a weekend filled with demonstrations, but this one’s gotta be the most emblematic. The crowd dismantled a bronze statue of Edward Colton in the shipping town of Bristol … and taking it down wasn’t enough for them.

The killing of George Floyd- sinzuuliveblog
Statue tossed into the river | The killing of George Floyd

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After using ropes to pull the monument off its base, the protesters dragged it over to the River Avon and tossed into the water … watching it quickly sink.

The statue had stood in Bristol since 1895 in tribute to Colton, who traded an estimated 84,000 African men, women and children to the Caribbean and North America.

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Several petitions have failed to get the statue removed, but the #BLM crowd would not be denied and massive cheers went up — from white people too — as it sunk to the bottom of the river.


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