The Lady In A White Dress | Dreamy Love Poem By Zuuvision

I found love in my dream, she captured me, with her by my side we would transcend.

She tickles my heart with joy of fulfillment — she’s the only woman I can submit to.

She’s the lady in a ”white dress”, I dozed but my soul was awake.

The Lady in a white dress
Lady in a white dress

My eagle eyes caught the strands of hair revealing in her brows, as my eyes plunge slowly I encountered her perfectly arched lashes, I drowned within her sight,  glaringly filled with life and adventure.

Caramel skin, I imagined her voice in my head ‘So Celestial’.

Illusive thoughts slapped me into an awakening– ”maybe she is taken ?”.

Reality felt wrong as I woke, the only clue I have is a note and a blur image of her looks.

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Am tired of seeing the wrong faces, her face is all I desire to gaze upon, till my lungs looses every breath , am possessed by her, even though she is the lady in my dream.

Her face is like a broken mirror that requires my devotional spirit to fix her reflection, her voice is like an angelic melody that got my mind on a musical sleep, soothingly slow, tempting and luring me closer.

Her body is a garden of herbs and spices, such healing and flavoring warms my heart like a pool of bliss.

Herbs and Spices Garden

She stops time with her smile, how goofy I became when I saw the world in her eyes, am lost between reality and fantasy, drowning in emotions.

She is a gazelle, mild and throws me off my chill, my words jibber.

My tongue was tied, I couldn’t say hello but my heart expressed fondness, only if  she can hear the echo in my spirit.

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Credit : 8 Tracks

Save me dear love for I have found my heart in a human form, I cherish her even though she’s just an imagination in my aesthetic intense mind.

I know am getting closer, I can feel her aura, her charm and her grace, but I wonder if she’s looking for me ?.

lady in a white dress

Please tell my love to come home, am lonely and tired of waiting, please tell my love to come find me, tell her am ready to start our adventure.


A mystery to the world, a ponder to thy self, Philosopher, Critical Thinker, Content creator, Creative Writer, Poet with the heart and skill of a Cinematographer- Call Me Entertainment.



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