‘The Last of Us’ Season 1, Episode 7: What to expect and Where to Watch for Free

The Last of Us

An extensive flashback in the Last of Us new episode which fills in key details of Ellie’s time spent living in the Boston Quarantine Zone.

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Ellie talks continuously, although she hasn’t really talked much about herself during Joel and her lengthy cross-country journey.

She grew up in the Boston Quarantine Zone without parents, according to the limited details she has revealed and what we have personally observed. No boyfriend exists for her. In fact, she had a friend who could pull off the dreaded “Mortal Kombat II” finishing technique. Savage Starlight comics are her favorite. Whiskey is “disgusting,” according to her.

The “No Pun Intended” comedy books by Will Livingston are her absolute favorites. Back in Boston, she was personally affected by shootings and violence. Furthermore, she was examining a closed-off retail center when she contracted a non-fatal cordyceps infection.

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The majority of this week’s episode—about 95 percent—is taken up with a prolonged flashback to Ellie’s time in the QZ, while she struggles to save the wounded Joel in the present. The majority of the flashback’s content confirms what we already know. Yet, some particulars are a little different, and those particulars matter.

Example, Ellie was being brainwashed by FEDRA in addition to being taught. She was being prepared physically and mentally to defend the QZ and hunt Fireflies after being selected from her class as a future leader. Yet her stubbornness was getting in the way. Riley, her disobedient roommate, was a major motivator for her to defy authority, sneak out at night, and engage in physical altercations with the other ladies (Storm Reid).

Riley had been missing for three weeks when the flashback begins, but after lights-out, as Ellie is sleeping in their barracks, Riley sneaks back in and tells her where she has been. After meeting Marlene and sharing their shared hatred of FEDRA fascism, she joined the Fireflies.

Ellie is hesitant but she agrees to go on her best friend’s wild after-hours adventure, which ends up being a trip to the mall. The alarm bells are already sounding for those of us who are watching at home.

Before any trouble arises, which takes some time, these two girls have the best night of their lives in the hour or so beforehand. Riley declares her plan to show the young women “the four wonders of the mall” as they descend what Ellie refers to as the “electric stairs” in the functioning structure. Riley then lights up the entire area. When Ellie hears this, she smiles and asks, “You planned stuff?”

Where to watch The Last of Us: stream episode 7 for free
Pedro Pascal stands in front of Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.
Pedro Pascal stands in front of Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.

Want to watch the most recent episode for free if you already saw the first one? You’re fortunate! By starting a free 7-day trial of HBO Max through Amazon Prime, you can watch The Last of Us episode 7 for free.


You can also watch The Last of Us on HBO and HBO Max.

When will it be available for subscribers to watch?

The first six episodes of The Last of Us are now available to watch on HBO Max. On Sunday nights, new episodes air at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max. The seventh episode, Left Behind, will premiere in just under an hour.