The Most Lovable Face Any Man Could Behold | heart poem

Lovable Face Any Man Could Behold

I was stunned by one of the most lovable face any man could behold.

But first I will start by celebrating her beauty.

As I gaze slowly at her perfectly arched lashes,

Her eyes sparkled with love,

Outshining the sun on its brightest day.

The glow of her cheeks was so appealing that even darkness could not dim it.

Her lips are like lilies wet with pomegranate wine.

Her voice sounds celestial,

Like an angelic melody.

It puts my mind at ease,

Tempting and luring me closer to her arms.

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Her skin is softer than the finest satin
credit: The cut

And glows radiantly illuminating like the sun,

Setting over a serene pool of crystal clear water.

I would love to embrace her passionately

And gently kiss her lips, cheeks and her neck,

Caressing and feeling every inch of her curves.

When she smiles my whole world slows down for a while.

The look on her face is all I desire; I am possessed by it.

Words are not enough to express what I felt when I first saw her.

I felt an unimaginable kind of goosebumps when she returned my gaze.

One of the most happy moments of my life.

It was absolutely unforgettable.

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Her seductive glance killed all my masculine prowess.
Lovable Face Any Man Could Behold | credit: Raquel Rocha

I am unable to compete with her sensational femininity.

I never knew eyes could enslave a heart.

She could conquer any man with her inner beauty.

She’s lavishly decorated and adorned with jewels.

Her aura is charming. No man can resist her.

I just figured out by gazing at her sacred essence that I was born to love her.

If I do not love her,

My state of mind will be similar to that of a tree in a parched desert,

Which cannot flourish.

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Being separated from her is like sitting in an air tight room.
How long could you survive in an airtight room? - YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Oh, how difficult it is to breathe knowing that she is far from my reach.

I have gotten used to the idea that heaven is looking for an angel,

That disappeared the day she stepped into my life.

This is because all my sorrow and loneliness were healed.

And I took a bold step into the impossible,

Crossing the boundary from natural to supernatural.

Death is not the only way to experience heaven,

Because love has transformative powers.

Love can make the earth look like a blissful paradise.