The Secret Portal To Infinite Possibilities in a woman’s reproductive organ


There are many secrets in the world that are waiting to be uncovered, likewise many secret portal that can lead to different dimensions of existence.

This secret portal can be used to transport, manifest spirit, soul, body, blessings and curses, Knowledge and folly, light and darkness, infirmity and healing etc — it all depend on what we encounter after going through this portal.

There are many secret portals in the world ranging from the heart, the soul, the ear, the third eye or minds eye, the land, the sea and a woman’s reproductive organ the centre of creation etc.

A woman’s reproductive organ is a secret portal and a man’s genital is the perfect key to open this ancient door.

Every fertile woman has power to bring new souls, body, spirit into existence- through intimate encounters with the opposite sex.

If a sperm go through this portal (vagina), it fertilizes an egg in the woman’s womb and the embryo starts developing which after incubation can be brought out at a period of 9 months as a baby.
Science might have much to say concerning that but its truly a miracle that a whitish fluid passes through a process of fertilizing an egg and turns out to manifest a soul, body, mind, spirit all in one.
This clearly reveals there is a secret behind a female reproductive organ.

”Sex is a sacred covenant, the man’s penis is a key and the vagina is the door”.

Every door needs the right key, the wrong key and the right door won’t work.

But the right key and the right door, would definitely work.

There are monsters, demons, spirits behind these portal, especially if the union or the intercourse is not sacredly rooted in love.

Love is a keyword that can bring fruitfulness, prosperity, multiplication, blessedness, light, peace and joy to the soul that open the right door.

The wrong key that opens any door, encounters demons, monsters and that is why some end up becoming cursed, suffer loss or damage and physical and spiritual diseases.

The keyword ”Love” is necessary, with the right union miracles will be manifested.

Find the right key, the right union, your soul tribe, your kindred spirit, your soul mate, twin flame.


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Two become one, that is why a key that slide into the lock of a door, becomes one with the lock and the door, because the two would be utterly useless without each other.

Sex can be milked of its worth, it  can be used to manifest abundance, blessing, prosperity and also to manifest curse, and disasters.

Before engaging in sexual inter-course make sure its rooted in love, with the right key and the right door.

”Love is a spirit, an emotion, energy only felt without touch or bodies, not lust or lewdness but a true feeling, assurance, clarity”- God is Love.

Be sure your sex life is rooted in love, the true, gentle, patient, forgiving and sacrificial kind of love not lust.

The truth about penetrating through this portal is the encounter, some are good while others are truly bad.

A woman can bring souls, spirit, demons and angels through a simple thrust.

Ever wondered why some beings develop psychic abilities, mental illness, emptiness, low self esteem,  demonic possession, addiction, nightmares, confusion, de-stress, improve in living after sleeping with the opposite sex.

Note: Women be careful who you let into your temple, and men be careful the portal you open.

Manifesting Abundance, Healing, Hopes and Dreams through Sex

Secret portal

Sex miracle is just taking your desires or hopes, and using the energy of the erotic to will them into reality, just like getting a woman pregnant, you can also manifest fortune and healing.

This can only be attained when both couples merge completely with pure divine love, dreams, desires and hopes can be manifested into reality.

Ever wondered why we can’t seem to forget any body we have been intimate with, no matter how long that has been.

We could remember their faces, the moments and how the contract went down– except  drugged or on drug, only then we could forget some part of it, but obviously after regaining consciousness one would assume there body has been tampered with.

Ever wonder why marine kingdoms, occultic Kingdom, spiritual rulers win more souls, talent and destiny, by simply caging them through sex? .


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Still confused why an active sexual male or female age slowly, look more youthful and stress less or why older men likes sleeping with younger women, likewise the older women vice-versa.

The mating process releases energy from both male and female counterpart, an energy powerful enough of creating pleasure which can lead to orgasm.

Remember science states that constant friction generates energy, which can be transmitted into heat– just like iron sharpening iron can create a spark.

When couples totally merge, they create a vibrational energy, the agreement is where the power of manifestation lies in.

Ever wondered why both men and women feel drained of physical energy, a shift, clear head and release from stress after sex ?

Unknowingly to them they have created a soul bond, when willed right can manifest dreams, hope and desires into reality.


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Stop having sex for sex but start using it to manifest healing, hopes and dreams- with the right soul and alignment, you could manifest greatness, abundance and even material wealth.

You harness power through sex, then you utilize it to get some kind of desired reaction from the universe.”

Secret Portal
Orgasm can open a secret portal for casting spells 

An orgasm is a moment of connection to the divine. Using that powerful, positive energy and pouring that into our goals can really make things happen but it takes believe, practice, connection, concentration.

“There has to be an agreement between the two parties to manifest something spiritual into existence by directing the energy of orgasm towards it.”

Assuming your partner says “yes, please,” Here is a low down on how to manifest your desires.

1. Set a mutually agreed upon intention. This could include anything from calling in abundance, to generating increased passion, to cultivating creativity. Your imagination is the only limit here.

2. Choose individual mantras that sit as pillars under the overarching intention—think of the intention as the roof of the pillars of the palace.

To keep things simple, use “I am” statements for your mantras. For example, if you are concocting a ritual for wealth mantras could be something like: “I am successful,” “I am a billionaire,” “ I am prosperous”

3. Create space. Both physically and emotionally. Select the music, the scent, the surrounding colors so that they’re in alignment with the intention.

For example, if the intention is to bring in abundance (let’s say, money), you could choose songs that speak to wealth or what you imagine your life to look like, wear green lingerie or have a green blanket in the space, etc.—anything to set the mood to evoke that feeling and energetic frequency.

4. Touch each other. Move slowly. Remember, this is a journey and we are building heat and raising energy together towards a shared mission.

As things pick up and start feeling good and energy starts emanating from the inside out, in addition to the “normal” noises you make, repeat your chosen mantra out loud. Bounce your mantras back and forth to each other.

Secret Portal
Secret portal

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5. Orgasm* (again, I don’t want this to be the focus and if it doesn’t happen the magic isn’t ruined). As you’re reaching the crest of your pleasure ride look up towards that overarching intention.

Come back to it…come with it (pun very much intended). Note, you and your partner are not expected to come simultaneously *insert sigh of relief.*

6. Lie together and feel as though what you are manifesting is already in motion. Learn what that energy frequency feels like in your bodies.

Become familiar with it. You’ve created it once, now you can both work together to create it again on a grander scale.

That’s it! Sex magic isn’t rocket science. It simply takes time, intention, mutual want, trust, and desire… oh, and a whole lot of pleasure.

Note : This can only work when its done with the right partner, basically someone you are married to, or engaged to, the power of manifesting anything lies in  sacred divine energy.

Wrong partner attracts  punishments, curses and demons.