Tips To Make A Man Respect You

Respect is something every woman must try to earn when around any man. It will make them mind the way they talk and the kind of word they will use on you. This will help you to keep your value high among other men.

Having a man who does not respect you as a lady can be so annoying because no matter how you try, he will just see you as a nobody and may not want to regard you. When you fall into such a man’s hands, you may start looking for what you will do to get your respect back.

There is always a reason or reason why a man may not want to respect a woman. Be it his wife or any other lady. It can be as a result of what he has seen you do, the way you are connected to him in the past, or because the two of you are familiar and he knows what you can do.

But no matter his reasons for looking down on you, getting your respect back is the best thing to do. If not he may disrespect you where it will cost you so much pain and shame.

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Below are some suggested ways to make him respect you

1. Find out where his disrespect is coming from. The first thing you may have to do is find out the cause of his disrespect to you. There may be something the two of you have done together in the past, or maybe there is something you did which he is aware of and that is making him look down on you.

It can be anything from the past. It can be your size, height, etc. Try your best to know why he is acting like that to you. Maybe somebody said something about you and that has affected the way he sees you. Knowing the reason why a man is not giving respect will make you know how to solve your problem.

2. Show him that you are different. If you discovered or remembered that the reason he is acting like that to you is that he has known you somewhere before with one attitude or the other.

Then decide to change that. Prove him wrong in your ways without going to him to tell him that you are now a different person.

Within few days, he will begin to see a different person and you will earn your respect back. If the man is your husband, prove him wrong and act differently from the way you used to act before.

3. Give yourself a high level of respect around him. How you act around a man can make him look down on you. So respect yourself when you are around him.

Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. The clothes you wear, the way you talk, etc can make a man respect you or disrespect you. Work on it too.

4. Smile less with him. Men understand women’s good gestures differently. You can be laughing with a man and he will say, “this lady wants me, look at the way she laughs at every little thing I do”.

So mind the way you laugh around him if you want to regain your respect where he is. Even if you work in the same place, don’t get too close to him. If you have before, give space and smile less with him.

5. Respect him. Finally, there is a difference between keeping to your level and insulting people. Draw a line to set a clear boundary between the two of you but don’t disrespect him.

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When you give a man his respect, he will respect you. If he says something you don’t like, stop him and tell him that you respect him but he should never say that kind of thing to you.

Let him know you are different from whom he used to know, and I can tell you that you will earn your respect and he will start treating you right. He will stop making you look like a nobody before other men.

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