To live is to learn | inspired message

To live is to learn

Choose your battle wisely and win with patience and endurance. To live is to learn and to learn is to live. Live. Learn.

Each day has something new to offer. Some days might be favorable and other days might be difficult.
You might wake up happy and filled with joy, but on another day you might wake up unhappy, filled with sorrow. Take charge and don’t let emotions rule your decisions.

We are here to study the concept of living. Don’t live to impress, live to express.

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Love hard, take risks, dream big, regret nothing, but keep learning and trying to be a better human.

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No matter what you do in this movie called life, make sure you create a lot of beautiful memories.

Stop surviving and start living. Change what you can and grow into what you can’t change.

Embrace pain for it is part of life, and always be grateful for your baby steps.

Keep chasing your dreams
Walk by faith and not by sight, laugh, talk to strangers, learn life skills, make sure you give more than you take.

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Show compassion for others, be kind and always forgive, you will figure life out once you start listening and paying attention to what you can’t see.

Life is spiritual.