Transgender people could be forced to undergo exorcisms to save them in Indonesia

Transgender people could be forced to undergo exorcisms to save them in Indonesia

Transgender people could experience been forced to undergo exorcisms,

(casting out of supposed evil spirit) to ‘save’ them from hell under proposed

laws in Indonesia.

The decision came after rightist Islamic lawmakers in the conservative Aceh

province revealed a ‘Family Resilience’ bill.

Andin a supposed male that turned to female is alleged to be haunted by memories

of being forced into an exorcism to ‘save’ her from being transgender – DailyMail Reports.

Ritual that could become mandatory for Indonesia’s LGBT community if the controversial

new law is passed.

For 20 years Andin has endured harassment and abuse as her family desperately tried to

‘cure’ her.

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Treatments ranged from being bombarded with Koranic verses while trapped in a locked

room for days, to being soaked with freezing water by an Imam promising to purge the

supposed demon that causes the ’gender dysphoria’. But it is the exorcism that breaks her heart.

She was taken against her will to a strange religious guru near her hometown of Medan in

Sumatra. The guru showed her a burial clothes commonly used to cover the dead and prayed over her.

He then gave her an unpleasant fact ”renounce life as a woman, or go to hell”.

Andin revealed ‘Nothing changed after the exorcism. I’m still LGBT, but my family didn’t give

up easily.

Andin is a 31 years old Transgender, who asked that her real name not be used reports by Dailymail.

Forced exorcism is a common story for gay and transgender people in the world’s biggest

Muslim majority nation. Homosexuality is legal everywhere in Indonesia except conservative

Aceh province which adheres to strict Islamic laws.

But it is still widely believed that being gay or transgender is the result of a person being

possessed by evil spirits – and that these can be expelled by religious ceremony and prayer.

Now, conservative Islamic lawmakers have tabled a so-called ‘Family Resilience’ bill, which

critics decry as sexist and anti-LGBT.

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Gay and transgender people would be forced to undergo ‘rehabilitation’ – an umbrella term

likely to include exorcisms and other ‘conversion treatments’ – to purge what bill advocates

say is a sexual confusion.

Although now a Muslim-majority nation, traditional tribal animist and shamanist beliefs

have been incorporated into the cultural and religious identity across the Southeast Asian

archipelago, which is home to more than 260 million.

Exorcisms have long been used for everything from tackling mental illness to clearing villages

of alleged spirit.

 Usman Hamid, Amnesty International Indonesia’s executive director warns-  that the the practice

will play a key role if the new law is passed.

Source- Dailymail


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