Two Teenage Inseparable Friends Dead After 100ft Waterfall Dive in Brazil

Two Teenage Inseparable Friends Dead After 100ft Waterfall Dive in Brazil

TWO teenage Inseparable friends dived 100ft to their deaths just moments after posting a photo from the top waterfall.

Bruna Vellasquez, 18, and Monique Medeiros, 19, died after one of them slipped and the other tried to help.

The pair, had gone for a walk with friends to the beauty spot in Brazil…. The Sun Reports.

Investigation by Police reveals one of the women slipped near the top of the waterfall and the other lost her balance when she wanted to help.

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TWO teenage friends Monique, 19 and Bruna, 18, fell from the top of a waterfall in Salto Caveiras.. there last Snap before loosing balance and falling into the 100ft waterfall

Both young women were killed after falling together  in Salto Caveiras, Lages… A tragic fall.

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Bruna Vellasquez, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene before rescuers arrived, while Monique Medeiros lost her fight for life in hospital shortly.

Monique had “a severe head injury” and needed to be taken to hospital by helicopter– A police chief confirmed..

The women were buried the afternoon of 14 September in their native Lages in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Monique lost her fight for life in hospital

One of the dead girls friend said Bruna, who was due to celebrate her 19th birthday on September 28: “So pretty and so young.

“Please God comfort the hearts of your family.”

Bruna was due to celebrate her 19th birthday later this month

Dmitri Arruda, owner of a hamburger joint where Monique used to work while she was studying to be a nurse, told local media: “She began as a cashier before beginning to work with me in its management.

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“I fell ill and she helped me a lot and basically had to run the business alone.”

Friends described the pair as inseparable.

The waterfall – known for its natural beauty – could only be reached via footpaths.


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