Two Women Brawl Because of PS5 in Walmart Near Charlotte

 A verbal confrontation between two ladies turned into a boxing match inside a Walmart and ended with a woman getting stomped in the face.

Witness took a video of confrontation between 2 women, which went from zero to 100 real quick in the Walmart near Charlotte, and the reason? Reportedly, a PS5 gaming console.

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The woman with long braids was getting ready to throw hands, and asked her opponent, “What the f**k are you gonna do?”

A man riding a motorized cart, actually tried to deescalate the situation by getting between the women — but you can see, he failed, and after a hot minute … all hell broke loose.

Hair was pulled, punches were thrown … and in the end, the woman with braids appeared to be knocked out cold.

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Law enforcement reported that cops did respond when this went down on December 13 … but no one was cited or arrested because both parties were gone when officers arrived.



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