UFC star Daniel Cormier has been offered a VIP ticket into WWE

UFC star Daniel Cormier has been offered a VIP ticket into WWE as soon as he retires from MMA.

Triple H one of the top executive at WWE  revealed to TMZ Sports that he fancy Daniel Cormier skills and thinks he would cross easily into pro wrestling.

Triple H added— that the two have already discuss about a possible gig but ONLY if it won’t conflict with his UFC contract.

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Triple H

“I love Daniel. We’ve obviously talked a lot in the past. We’ve had conversations about him doing stuff with us in the past whether that’s in-ring or whether that’s commentary or doing different things.”

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I think we’d love to do something with him if the time is right — obviously, respectful to UFC and to the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White and everything else.”

“We’d love to chat with him and we have an open relationship as far as communication so I’m sure shortly we will when he figures out what he wants to do.” Triple H Revealed.

UFC star Daniel Cormier 41-year-old, has repeatedly said he has 1 fight left in him in the UFC and then he’ll retire.

But because of the Rona Pandemic so far, no fight date has been fixed. Cormier is hoping to get his rematch with Stipe Miocic sometime this year.

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 Triple H also added  Conor McGregor possibly joining the McMahon family business somewhere down the line.

Vince McMahon is an American professional wrestling promoter and executive, American football executive, and media proprietor currently serving as the chairman and CEO of WWE.

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