UFC Star Mike Perry Punch an Elderly Man In Restaurant Verbal Polemic, 3 Others Affected

UFC Star Mike Perrypunched an elderly man in the face at a Texas restaurant Tuesday night in a violent, angry rage … and the entire incident was caught on video.

Cops say the man who was punched in the video appeared to be unconscious when they arrived.

A witness told them the victim had smacked his head against the concrete after he was punched.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital and later spoke to cops … but said he was experiencing memory problems due to the injury and didn’t remember the punch or aftermath.

Cops also spoke with Perry who insisted he was just trying to leave the restaurant peacefully but people were “putting hands on me as I was trying to leave the building.”

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Platinum Perry admits to getting physical with multiple people — but insists he was only reacting after the others had touched him first … including the man he knocked down on video.


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A witness told police that during the altercation at Perry’s table, the UFC fighter struck a woman who was ID’d as a friend of Perry’s girlfriend. Unclear if she was injured in the incident.

The whole incident started when Perry got into a physical altercation with someone at his table at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, TX around 10:30 PM on Tuesday night.

The restaurant staffer approached Perry — who had been ordering Berry Mojitos — and asked him to leave the restaurant.

But instead of leaving, the witness says Perry PUNCHED the employee in the eye. We’re told the employee suffered injuries.

FROM THE VIDEO | UFC Star Mike Perry

You can see people — including Perry’s girlfriend — are trying to get Mike to leave the restaurant, but he won’t go peacefully and drops several N-bombs on the way out.

It doesn’t appear the N-word was directed at any Black people in the restaurant — Perry is known to casually throw the word around in daily conversation.

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As Perry and his Girl friend left the dining area and walked outside, several men followed him out … and things again escalated.

One of the older men got too close to Perry and he dashed his fist at the man.

The older man went down — and we’re told he was later transported to a hospital with injuries.

As for Perry, he sat down on a ledge and challenged witnesses to call police — which they did.

When cops arrived, we’re told a report was taken but Perry was NOT arrested.


Aside from the alleged battery,  Perry also left without paying his bill and sources tell us the restaurant is considering pursuing a theft charge.

Perry is 14-6 as a professional MMA fighter — defeating Mickey Gall on June 27 … with his GF acting as his cornerman.

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The whole incident reminds us of Conor McGregor — who also punched an elderly man at a pub in Ireland back in 2019.



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