Wayne Rooney is turning bald Again despite spending ‘£30k’ on hair transplants

Wayne #Rooneys hair is balding, despite spending thousands of pounds on transplants.

The former Manchester United star, 34, was pictured back in training and he appeared to be balding.

Rooney is believed to have spent £30,000 on transplants after going prematurely bald.

Wayne Rooneys hair is balding- sinzuuliveblog
Wayne #Rooneys hair is balding – Recent Picture of Rooney training with Derby County reveals

The first was in 2011, with surgeons moving hair follicles from the back of his head to the front.

Rooney revealed: “I was going bald at 25 why not? I’m delighted with the result of the transplant.”

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He had a top-up transplant two years later, among other procedures.

Wayne Rooneys hair is balding- sinzuuliveblog
16-year-old Rooney with a full head of hair in 2002

The SUN reveals that Rooney who is now playing for Derby County, may have run out of “donor” hairs.

Craig Henton, owner of MHR Clinic, said: “Everyone accepts he uses thickening powders.

When he doesn’t wear those we get to see the real extent of his hair loss. Sweating also causes hair to clump together and highlights thinning hair.”

Wayne Rooneys hair is balding- sinzuuliveblog
Just after his first hair transplant in 2011

Craig added: “He could have used all his viable donors and the back of his head may have nothing left to give.”

Other treatments include using lasers, he said.

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The results of what appeared to be a successful transplant in 2012

England’s all-time leading goalscorer has previously opened — When i stare at himself in the mirror and thinking: “Bloody hell, you’re going bald and you’re only a young lad.”


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