Ways To Make A Man Feel Deeply Attached To You

The most difficult element of most women’s love lives isn’t meeting or building an attraction with men; it’s creating that deep connection and rush of strong emotions and intense sensations that propels them from casual dating to serious, romantic engagements. This shift can be difficult for many women who can’t seem to move on from casual dating and can’t for the life of them figure out why. The reason for this isn’t because males are “commitment phobes,” as many people believe. It’s more likely that a guy hasn’t felt emotionally attached to them. Physical attraction, as we all know, dissipates over time and it’s the quality of our emotional connection with each other or the lack thereof that makes or breaks a relationship

1. Create emotional safety for him.

Emotional safety refers to a place where people can freely express their views, feelings, and wishes without fear of being judged. When males claim a woman is easy to talk to, they’re referring to the fact that they can say things to her that they wouldn’t say to anybody else since they won’t be criticized. Listen to your man without passing judgment the next time he’s having a difficult day, moaning about a colleague, or telling you something personal.

2. Be vulnerable.

Vulnerability, I understand, is a frightening concept. It’s usually simpler when someone else takes the initiative and opens up, but if you want him to become emotionally attached to you, you’ll have to do it yourself. It’s the only way to take the connection to the next level. If you open up, he’ll feel more at ease to do so as well.

3. Make an effort to be spontaneous.

Relationships are already serious enough. Seriousness boggles even the concept of a partnership. However, you should not consider your connection to be extremely serious. Of course, it’s serious because you’ve made a commitment to one other, but keep it lighthearted and spontaneous. Regardless of how long you’ve been dating, try to have a positive attitude.

4. Praise him.

Make sure to congratulate your man on all of his accomplishments, whether he persuaded his boss to give him a raise or he just got a triple-double in a weekend pickup basketball game. As he goes about his frantic daily routine, he will feel safe knowing that you, his number one supporter, are rooting for him. As long as you are in his life, he will feel as if he can accomplish anything in the world. Praise for his actions will only encourage him to strive for excellence in all aspects of his life, including his relationship.

5. Keep things light and playful.

People will remember you based on your shared experiences. The more pleasant and enjoyable experiences you share, the more those sensations get associated with you. Relationship timelines varies between men and women. Women are more likely to rush into partnerships, anxious to define their status and skip over many of the enjoyable aspects of dating, whilst males are more likely to take their time deciding whether or not they want to pursue the relationship further.

6. Listen to what he says to you in a conversation

The most basic psychological human need is to be understood. When you are not understood, your entire mood and even your self-esteem will suffer. You must be heard in order to be understood. So, in order to meet your man’s basic psychological demand, you must pay attention to what he has to say to you when you are chatting.

7. Accept him for who he is.

People would adore you the most if you can accept them for who they are. You must accept who they are, even when they are at their ugliest or most eccentric. Accepting people entails not holding their imperfections against them, not being distant when they do something minorly wrong, and not cringing when they reveal their genuine selves. Validation fosters trust and safety, which eventually leads to a strong love foundation. If you embrace him for who he is, he will cling to you even closer.

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