What Should you do in the Event of a Plane Crash?

plane crash

Not all plane crash are fatal; there are many survivors. And there are many incidents that never become accidents. All of those accidents and occurrences can lead to disaster if you do something stupid.

All of the instructions you will hear during a plane crash are designed to increase your odds of survival and the survival of others around you, even if they appear counter-intuitive or illogical, based on the lessons learned from tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries. Do you believe you are smarter than individuals who have spent their entire lives to that with the best resources available?

Have you ever wondered why, following every aviation mishap

There is a technical inquiry that cannot be utilized to determine duties, compensation, or “whose fault is this,” something that many people are surprised and even angry about?

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Why are millions and millions of dollars spent on sniffing out burned-out airplane bits, often going to extremities such as hunting for them for years until they are rescued from the bottom of the sea, if it doesn’t serve to blame anyone or decide who should pay? It’s there so that no one is scared to speak up, to discover the truth, and to ensure that it never happens again. This is how aviation has become so safe. There is no longer any mystery.

And it is from the findings of such investigations that you receive, among other things, the instructions on the planes.

They are the result of vast knowledge and significant experience, including extensive investigation into why individuals who did not succeed did not achieve. You don’t know anything more.

What these people know after decades of research and experience with some of the worst things that can happen to a human body in that particular context and environment, neither you nor I have a clear idea.

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So it’s pretty simple: simply obey. There is nothing else. You’ll survive if it’s survivable. And you’re not going to murder anyone else.

Assume you’re on a leisurely trip to the Bahamas. Suddenly, there’s a bang! The plane begins to plummet in altitude by thousands of feet.

According to several sources, the likelihood of being involved in a plane crash is one in every 5.4 million.

During the fall
  • Before the plane lands, empty your pockets and remove any sharp or pointed things, such as a pencil or pen.
  • Remove your spectacles if you wear them. Loosen any ties or scarves that are fastened around your neck.
  • Locate the nearest exit if there is time before impact so you know where to go if the cabin fills with smoke.
  • After you’ve completed all of the preceding steps, take the impact resistance stance.
After the Impact
  • Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or a shirt/t-shirt if there is a fire.
  • Try to recall the locations of the exits you noted before.
  • If the plane crashes into water, do not inflate your life jacket; you may get stuck inside the plane.
  • If you can’t find a life jacket, ask someone else to wear one; they can accommodate more than one person.


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Other Tricks
  • If you’re afraid of flying, these tips should help you relax when you do.
  • Sit in the aisle seats at the back of the plane. According to statistics, it is the safest area.
  • The majority of accidents happen during takeoff and landing. If you must take a long travel, try to book a direct flight; the fewer stops you make, the less probable an accident will occur.