When She Says Am Afraid to loose you, This Is What She Really Means

Afraid to loose you” has been a ponder to many men and most of them don’t get the message behind this word.

But this article by from the PuckerMob will give you guys a great insight.

Even when she smiles, you can still see this hint of worry. Like a shadow quickly passing over her face.

When milestones come in your relationship, you can feel the bittersweetness in her attitude.

There’s a little bit of vinegar in the honey of her smile.

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It might seem like she’s too intense with you. Holding a little too tight. Especially with the way she worries about how long you’ll be around, and the chances of you possibly taking off.

It might seem like she’s expecting the worst, and being anything but positive about you. Like she has no faith in you.

But that’s not the case. She’s not doubting you. Not at all. She’s doubting herself, and her ability to keep you. She’s doubting time and fate.

She’s afraid of failing you, and feeling the universe take you away from her life.

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She’s afraid you’ll end up seeing her the way the others did before you. She’s afraid of messing this up, and being forced to watch as another person turns their back and walks away.

She’s worried that she will inevitably repeat the past and have to watch it play out all over again. That slow crawl to a break in her happiness.

No, she’s not clingy, dependent, crazy, or over protective. As she has been labeled before. She’s just scared.

Scared of losing one of the truly good things in her life. One of the things she wants the most.

Because she has spent this time allowing herself to need you, to want you. To love you.

And since she’s done that, she understands the value of this fragile connection. That in one moment, it could change forever.

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The happiness she has found with you could be gone. And the possibility of this is what actually gets to her.

It’s not that she can’t be positive. She’s simply been conditioned to prepare for the worst. And the worst is you walking out.

So when she says she is afraid to lose you, take it as not only the greatest compliment of her affection for you but the most sincere promise that she is doing everything in her power to make sure that you stay.

That’s all she wants. For you to stay. And show her that she’s got it right this time


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