Will my character in Diablo 4 Beta carry over to the full game?

Diablo 4

Those who pre-purchased Diablo 4 now get early access to the game’s open beta. Before the game’s full release this summer, fans can experience the next action RPG during the beta, which runs from March 17 to March 19.

A second beta weekend, from March 24 through 26, will take place after this weekend’s early access session. Regardless of whether they have placed a pre-order, anyone can participate in this second open beta period.

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The Prologue and Act 1 in its entirety, as well as the first zone, Fractured Peaks, are all accessible to players throughout both of these beta weekends. The Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer will be playable throughout this first Early Access weekend. The Druid and Necromancer will also become available during the second Open Beta weekend.

Progress will carry over between beta weekends, and the level cap for both of these weekend tests is Level 25. This implies that if you create a Barbarian and raise it up to Level 15 throughout the Early Access weekend, you’ll be able to continue playing from that level during the Open Beta the following weekend.

Wha’s the precise release date of Diablo 4?

Today marks the start of the Diablo 4 Early Access Open Beta. The world start timings are listed here. Check out our guide on the PC requirements for Diablo 4 if you’re playing on a computer. The official release date of Diablo 4 is June 6, 2023.

Will your Diablo 4 beta characters carry over to the full game?

All characters made during the Diablo 4 testing weekends will be removed once the beta concludes, according to Blizzard. Unfortunately, this means that none of your saved characters or progress will be carried over to the full game when it is released.

That’s unfortunate, especially if you invested a lot of time in the beta and leveled up every level to 25. But, some players don’t mind re-playing content, and if you played a lot during the beta, you should be familiar with all of Fractured Peaks’ mysteries, so it shouldn’t take long to play through the area again.