With all eyes on her, She just stood there and cried ..My heart break Story

Greetings all!!!

Welcome to today’s episode…

Its  actually a personal story, my heartbreak et intense love story, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss the details.

It all started in High school, most people would say they hated high school..as for me!!!..I LOVED high school, it was the best time of my life, I still dream about it and the memories wake me up with goose bumps, even though there are moments tears slowly dripped down my cheeks . hmmm.🤔.🤔.🤔 ……

Lets just dive in

Starting this story am still yet to describe my role,
Am I the hero, victim, survivor or did Karma bite me in the ass?..🤔am still yet to tell tho but i hope you guys will figure it out..


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It all started on a hot Monday morning, I was walking down to class when Peace Udeh ran up to me and said “Abigail guess what!!”,  funny enough she didn’t even wait for me to guess, she shouted “Rachael is being transferred right now”.

I know you are wondering who are these characters just read on ……

You need to see my face, I was shocked at first then hugged by disbelief , “its not possible I happily shouted”
She asked me to follow her, class is now at the back of my mind, I sheepishly followed..

Did i say it started that hot afternoon, erase that, am just too  shy to start with the real reason. calm down comrade its my story lol…

It started with a SMILE..yes a SMILE, i wish it ended that way, maybe it did, we will see🤷‍♀️.
Back to the Smile, don’t beat me yet.

This smile is that kind of smile, you can’t imagine how you have gone so long without it, its angelic, AM IN LOVEl!!!, we were in Junior Class 3..that moment I asked myself how I didn’t notice this smile till that very minute.

Lo and behold , Adrian Jackson (AJ) was Standing at the queue in the school canteen aka my ”CRUSH” he was behind me, I wanted to buy bread cake, I was loaded with cash that my daddy gave me during his last visit, they are mint currency.

Aj must have peeped into my wallet, his eagles eyes caught me taking out the note and seized the opportunity and said to me, “You must love bread cake too much, because if  I had those sparkling mint, I wouldn’t spend that money” heheh ..

He looked at me and then added “ I will call you “Ome na Mint” from now on.. (mint slang meaning “new, fresh, money”) and then he smiled, it was like all those toothpaste advert, the smile took my breathe away..he was a stallion in the sense of handsome lol with a killer smile, his hair spotting waves is infinite…  Adrian Jackson aka Aj is dark, tall and spotless..



Back to following Peace, we sneaked into the Registrar office and truly Rachael was transferring to another school due to the fact that her Dad was promoted and was transferred to a new location and they needed to move..
I was drunk in happiness …
To cure your curiosity, Rachael was AJ’s girlfriend,
Before you hiss, i know..Am a bad bitch!!
But I couldn’t help how I felt, I never approached AJ knowing he had a girlfriend, I was just crushing on my own jejely ..
And what!!..Her dad was promoted, I was happy for her..happy is happy nah …

As I hoped, they broke up  in the process of Rachael’s transfer.
I know you will think I 1asked him out immediately, ah ah ahhhh am not that cheap, I have way too much pride, But i played my part well and watched him, I mad sure he saw me lol, I wanted him to like me..

Fortunately, in  Senior Class 1, we ended up in same class, he even volunteered to help me move my desk, I stood through swimming in paradise, you don’t know a crush’s attention and help is a different kind of high..we became official friends.
He’s just too cute always looking for my heart throbbing troubles while in class ( the good ones that makes a lady fall )  and he put so much effort, trying to gain my attention..

He’s always in need of lessons lol, I taught him Mathematics, and we always held hands while we work down  the hostel..
Aj was not book smart but he’s talented, he could write, sweet soul, heart tickling songs.

He’s a master of words and can sing a baby to sleep.. golden voice…. ..I was a goner..
One day i got my hands on his music note, the one he hid from everyone including me, when i read the words..OMG!!!
He wrote songs and songs about me..he had written about me even before the day I noticed his smile..who could imagine!!!!
We started dating after that day..He officially asked lol, you should see the words and songs dedicated to me. .. some people can steal people’s heart sha….

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BOOM… we became the talk of the whole school..
Aj treated me like an egg, who wouldn’t..I recently won the cowbell Maths competition and he was proud of me..
Jackson bought me gifts my class girls could only dream of having, he even got me a cell phone because during the holidays, we were limited with communicating , He embarrassed me with gifts perfumes, bumshorts, everything a teenager would deemed treasures he got me, accompanied with songs  he wrote for me and even sang them for me even in front of his friends..
Aj will even serve my punishments, in turn, I know you are wondering about the private lessons, he never listened, please calm down with your imagination lol … , he was stubborn like that but had a soft spot for me..

We had our bad times tho and once it comes, we could go weeks without talking but when we are good, it was like magic accompanied with beautiful smiles and memories.. I wish I could spill all , maybe some other time..

He was my first kiss, I took my first alcohol with him, my first smoke with him..
I know what you’re thinking, but AJ was a good guy, he made sure I read my books, He was furious at me anytime I failed.

Even though he doesn’t open his own note but he always advertised me to read harder, lol!!!!.. If only he listened to his own advise right?!!
We are getting to sad part and I cried…..

Last year in school, we were already getting ready for our NECO exams, dinner night and Graduation we were done with WAEC.
Our love was blossoming, I should say we were happy, but was he??. even with all the gifts and treasures…

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Aj never asked me for s*x, I was still a virgin, we made out and kissed but we never crossed the line..I know he wanted it, tho he never asked..
I was making plans to surprise him, I even bought new set of lingeries together with the most expensive dinner gown so I will look good for him during the dinner party and then after..I had plans.
But Aj gave me the shock of my life few weeks earlier…

On that faithful night, we were all at the preparation hall, I was not even reading, I was reading one of the numerous love letter my sweet shady boyfriend gave me, then suddenly we all heard the noise at the boy’s hostel..
That noise, deep in my heart, I knew I will never be the same after that noise..
I just didn’t want to go to the window, everyone had gone to the windows and corridors to take a look at what was happening..I just didn’t want to go, I felt my heart beating wildly like it wanted to tear my chest.
Suddenly all eyes were on me, everyone were shouting..

“Abigail come and see”

And I stood, Freezed  behold.. my eyes saw things..

The story continues…

Watch out for the rest soon

Love you guys

Dont forget to drop your comments🥰🥰




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