The Word We Speak Determines Our Destiny

word- sinzuulive

Word have power over every destiny. The World we live in as many Christian believes, was created with a spoken word;

John 1:1 ( In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with  God, and the Word was God).  Genesis 1:3 (And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.)

Every positive or negative action come after a word has been spoken, thought or imagined.

Under the sun and the moon, i have witnessed words build and also words destroy.

I have seen word heal and also tear apart. Words are like seed, Plant the right words and the soul will flourish, sow negative seeds and the mind will wither.

Words are supernatural energy, filled with mystical powers, A soldier obeys the last command.

Our life take a form of the kind of words, we channel our spirit to everyday. Some become what they watch, read, listen to or visualize. Words are magical, it has the power to create, build, change, fight and destroy.

The Mystery in The Word;

word- sinzuulive

Food is sweet and fills the stomach but no matter how a Glutton eats the stomach will get exhausted and he or she won’t have any space to stuff in more.

Wine excites the body and dulls the mind and no matter how often a drunkard drinks, he or she eventually stops drinking when he or she is in a drunken stupor.

Life is sweet, clothes look nice on the body, luxury is comfort but everything materialistic, has a limit and can only perform a particular task.

Word has no limit, it’s a food for the soul, I have witnessed words fill the stomach ( Fasting and Praying).

I have witnessed word boost self esteem (Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable in the clothes we put on or our appearance, but with the right words boost confidence).

I have witnessed word get men drunk, and many have fallen in love or astray because of word, I have witnessed words change a bitter soul, i have seen word bring favor, and open doors.

Unlike water words soak into the bone marrows, and are tatted in the heart, i have witnessed words control kings and men of great power .

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Many perish because they lack knowledge which is power. Have you ever written down a goal and worked it out ?, have you ever spoken out a threat and accomplished it ?, Everything needs word.

Word is the essence of life. The world would be meaningless and full of confusion without communication.

The soul perish when it lacks words of hope, revelations and longevity.

The very essence of life, slowly fades when the mind lacks the right word, Many that committed suicide, didn’t conceive it because of peoples action, but because the kind of words that has been deposited in their troubled mind.

Physical abuse or action will only pain the body, but the words sleeps and wakes with the soul, the words are there in silence and in noise, word has the ability to change human will.

Words is like rain it pours down from the sky and waters the earth, it makes plant to grow and produce seed that turns to food we eat.

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We might spend days without food but we can’t spend a seconds without a word, it might not be spoken but its their living inside our mind.

Its only a fool would be angry that he or she is not wealthy, or have the good things of life, that mindset is unhealthy because “words” made what is invisible, visible.

Sickness dosen’t attack the body first, it deteriorate the mind which sends signal to the body, then the body starts malfunctioning.

word- sinzuulive

Healing has to take place in the mind before gradually displaying in the body.

Be mindful that medicine dosen’t heal the body, the body heals it self, the work of medication is to help the immune system hasten the process.

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With the right words the sick can rise and become healthy, with the right words a blind man can see, with the right words a lame man can walk, with the right words miracles take place, blessing can overflow with the right words.

If the wealthy don’t think about “Money” which is just a word, it would be hard for them to achieve the state of being rich, because a mind has to feel the urge to acquire riches, before it can be manifested through work.

I like using the Bible, as a Reference because it has the right words that can be used to create anything.

The lord said, ask and it shall be given to you – Mathew 18:19” (Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven)

when we understand the mystery behind words then we can gain the perfect understanding on how to utilize this words and put it into good use.

We are born to rule, to serve and honor our creator, we are born to utilize the word, to study and apply it in our daily life, because the word of God is a map to achieving a great destiny.

Our destiny can only be revealed or be easily accessible when we open the word of God, Because in these holy word lies the secrets of the spirit which controls all flesh.


 Isaiah 55 vs 11 (So also will be the word that i speak it will not fail to do what i plan for it , it will do everything that i sent it to do)  .

We access our destiny by discovering vision, we can’t access what we haven’t seen or witnessed, because our vision is like a door way to our destiny.

We can’t see what is behind a closed door, we have to open a door through the access of a key and this key is the word because with this word everything is made open, doors open with the right key, having the right words will open any door .

Before we work towards a goal we must have talked about it privately or with someone, we must have desired it or visioned it. Before we plan to buy a new car we must have desired and loved the car and in our mind, we must have said i want these car and i can save to purchase it, or if i already have the fund i could purchase.

[su_quote cite=”Zuuvision”]Spoken Words transforms our dreams into a reality, a wish is an unspoken word.[/su_quote]

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Our whole life revolves around words and most times the kind of words we speak effects or affects our life either positively or negatively, if we speak blessings then blessing will appear, if we speak victory , then we shall be victorious, if we speak failure then failure is what we reap.

What we speak  becomes our reality because the spiritual controls the physical, Logically Without the breath of life which is not seen the body can’t live, or be able to function.

Words can be inform of prayer, meditation and songs, with this understanding about words i urge you to speak positive words at all times in your life, in your destiny, in your business and in your relationship, every part of our life demands the right word for it to function.

Do not be ignorant and but be wise to know the words to speak, profess to claim all the blessing that is in these holy book called the “BIBLE“, allow the word of God to transform your life in order to live as witness .

God has made everything easy by giving us His word which is map of discovering destiny, its left to us to study, practice and let these words be a part of us at all times.

Own a Bible today and become unstoppable, because the secret of creation lies behind the Holy Word (BIBLE).

Mathew 24:35 (heaven and earth will pass away but the word of God will live forever)